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Flies & TyingTying Techniques & Sava Vises    February 23, 2017
SAVA Fly Tying Vise made by Drago Keržič Minimize

  I tie all our flies on the Glory Sava rotary fly vise made by master DRAGO KERŽIČ of Kranj, Slovenia (Link: Sava Fly Vise).

It is a very flexible and dependable tool.
You can adjust it to practically any desired position.

The standard jaws will securely hold hook sizes 1 - 30 and you also get an extra jaw for tying large streamers

(it will only take you a few seconds to change between the two).

Besides being very practical it's also a particularly good looking fly vise

(you can also get it in gold or
iridium plated and engraved to your liking)!

                                                                                                 We would recomend this vise to any tyer!
                                  Sava vise Glory                                                                                                                       Dubbing brush twister

Fly Tying Pictures & Videos Minimize
   Presentation of
 Sava RX Fly Vise

 Sava F1 Fly Vise

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