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Slovenia has much to offer to the fly fisherman or to any other outdoor oriented person.

The waters range from boisterous alpine streams, crystal clear Subalpine rivers to beautiful chalk

streams and a lake or two. You might find yourself fishing amidst alpine peaks, pristine forests full of wildlife,

among fields and
pastures or in a distinctly Mediterranean  enviroment.

And that's not all! Slovenia also offers friendly people and a range of delicious local food and fine

wines that will keep you happy when you're not fishing

(the beauty of the rivers and quality fishing
ensure that won't happen often)!

You can get all of this in a pocket size gem of a country where practically any place

can be reached in
a drive no longer than an hour or two!

Our goal is to share all of this with you, our guests!

An experienced flyfishing guide with plenty knowledge of the local rivers and the country

will certainly help you get the most out of your visit!

If, however, for any reason you cannot visit us, we offer you a selection of top quality flies, that will

tempt fish just about anywhere!





Where can I see or
purchase your flies? What about
their quality and efficiency?
What do you reccomend and
which flies are on sale?

Where can I find out more about
Slovenia's beautiful rivers and fish?

How to get to Slovenia and
where can I get guide service?



How and where to buy this
luxury solid wood fly boxes?

How is it like there in Slovenia?
Look at our Gallery...

Want to know more about you
and your work?

But you don't do just flies right?
Where can I find feather
and solid wood earrings for my
wife's birthday?


I'm an entomology fan...
which types of insects
are there in Slovenia?

How and where can I
 contact you to get more

ll the

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